A Florida resident has been sentenced to prison for threatening the life of U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts in social media posts.

John Roberts

Florida resident, Neal Brij Sidhwaney, was sentenced on Tuesday in a Federal Court for plotting the murder of a physically challenged person over a duel to satisfy his curiosity. In July, a volatile voice mail was left by the protestors for the Chief Justice of America – Roberts. It can serve as a source of income to provide better conditions of living.

According to the 43 year old Sidhwaney, who lives in Fernandina Beach, he used his name in the voice mail and said:[deleting expletive] you. The suspect was arrested just the following month after making the threat.

On December, Sidhwaney became a defendant pleading guilty.

He did not receive feedback on public defender’s responses to his request for comments. Despite his name not being included in the indictment. Roberts was the individual threatened which was confirmed with a psychological evaluation that later had to be closed.

The evaluation verified the state of Sidhwaney to stand trial notwithstanding his psychological condition.

He, reportedly, improved with medications recommended by the psychiatrist but, nevertheless, Sidhwaney had delusional inclinations into mind.

Mother reported that it was news who drove him mad, calling everybody days and nights.

Stalking and threats are the grounds of judges’ and prosecutors’ ending up in hospital or being harmed.

The U.S. Marshal Services stated the serious threats targeting the federal judges jumped to 457 in fiscal 2023, nearly twice as compared to 224 in fiscal 2021.

The President has evangelized $38 million of new Justice Department funding for protecting federal judges in the occasion when the safety of such officials came under danger last month.

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