Florida mom attempted to sell her infant daughter to a stranger for $500 and then abandoned the baby, according to police reports.

A mother in Florida has been put in jail for trying to sell her 18-month-old daughter to an employee at a local business for $500 and then leaving the child when the employee declined, according to police.

The 33-year-old woman has been charged with aggravated child neglect, child abuse, abandonment of a child, and selling or surrendering a minor for money or property, according to court records from Putnam County.

On March 5 the woman and her young daughter were lingering around a business in Palatka, Florida, according to a news release by the Palatka Police Department on Wednesday. Palatka is a city about 55 miles from Daytona Beach. Police said the woman had been lingering around the business for multiple days.

According to the Palatka police department, an unknown employee at a local business approached the mother that day and asked if she and her daughter needed any help. The mother rejected the offer, but then suddenly tried to sell her own daughter to the employee for $500.

The mother walked away and left her daughter behind after the employee denied the mother’s offer, according to police.

What happened to the baby girl?

An employee picked up the woman’s daughter and drove her to the Palatka police headquarters. There, a victim supporter from the department watched over the baby until the Department of Children and Families took custody of her, the police said in a statement.

The woman’s baby is now in foster care.

Florida mom tries selling daughter

According to the release, Palatka police found and arrested the woman on March 7. Court records show the woman is now in Putnam County jail with a $255,000 bond.

An order of no contact was signed in court prohibiting the woman from contacting or seeing her alleged victim, but court records did not disclose if the alleged victim was her daughter.

It is not known whether the woman has legal representation.

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