Iran’s president threatens to destroy Israel if it carries out even the smallest invasion

Iran attacks israel

The president of the Iran expressed that he will do his level best to implement his word and immediately eliminate every inch of Israel if it goes absurd enough to even make a step into Iran`s land.

Iraqian President Ebrahim Raisi addressed Wednesday’s army parade, where he expressed that if Israel proceeded to attack, it would face “massive and harvesting” consequents, as Iran braced for a possible Israeli response to the weekend’s raid they had launched through missiles and drones.

The Iranians sent hundreds of missiles and drones towards Israel flying into the sky on Saturday to redress what they apparently believed was an assassination of the Iranian ambassador’s compound in Syria that killed 12 people among which are two general officers.

Israel, however, is accused of orchestrating this attack by Iran and in fact, Israel has refused to take any responsibility.

The Iranian President described the damage caused by the attack as limited, and if Iran would be the one to cause the escalation, there would be nothing left of “the Zionist regime.”

He added this in Iranian official news agency IRNA.

Raisi said his words during a relocated military parade that was held in a barracks north of Tehran, not in the city itself as shown by the usual venue of the highway near Tehran southern outskirts.

The moving of the ill person out of the purview of the authorities came without clarification.

Exclusively, state TV did not live-stream it any more since during previous years.

On Saturday, Israel and the U.S. with both the British forces and assistance from neighboring Jordan and other nations, succeeded in the interception of every missile sent by Iran and the drones’ efforts.

Israel broadcasted its achievement rate which amounted to 99% by means of Iron Dome and David’s Sling systems.

As expected, Israel has promised to retaliate.

The rest of the plan is shrouded in mystery under whether, how, and when.

The Jewish nation’s military council convened on Tuesday to vote for future steps.

While its allies are calling for all parties to maintain peace, the boundaries of the country shrinking with each passing day.

For decades, Iran and Israel have been shadow enemies, and the warzone has been in triangles.

In the last past months, the war was deepened and reached a peak because of the supports that Iran has lent to Hamas, which made the biggest terrorist attack in Israeli’s history on Oct. 7.

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