Police fatally shot a man who threatened to detonate a bomb during a bank robbery in California

wells fargo bank robbery

Police in Southern California fatally shot a man suspected of robbing a bank after he threatened to detonate a device that he claimed was a bomb.

A masked man in his 70s walked into a Wells Fargo bank in Fullerton, Orange County on Tuesday afternoon and demanded money from a teller, according to the Fullerton Police Department.

The man brought a white box that he claimed contained a detonation device. As the suspect exited the bank with the box of stolen cash and the alleged device, a police officer shot him.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

“The Bomb Squad located an item constructed to resemble an actual explosive device, referred to as a facsimile device, in the suspect’s possession,” the news release said.

The device was not an actual explosive device

No one was injured

Police reported that while employees and customers were inside the bank during the incident, no witnesses were injured.

“Police had their guns drawn and the door to the bank opened and the (suspect) came out,” a bystander named Jessica Serne said. “They said, ‘Drop!’ But he didn’t listen, so they shot him. One shot and that was that.”

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