Rare flooding strikes Dubai after heavy rains

dubai flooding

Practically the entire Middle East was lashed by heavy rains on Tuesday, the school reception was crowded with a sizeable number of children in the United Arab Emirates and the airport tarmac in Dubai International was temporarily inundated. In Oman, at least 18 people perished in recent days due to the water-caused severe weather.

The rains flooded many roads rendering it unsafe to drive in. A desert area that would not normally be affected by such downpours had flash flood occurrences.

Trying to save the employees as long as the disaster continues, the airport officials announced Tuesday that flights will be routed to some other airports until the “exceptional weather event currently experienced in the UAE” so clears up a little.

A footage captured by Al Arabiya, an agency that belongs to Saudi Arabia’s state-owned news outlets, posted on YouTube showed the Dubai tarmac filled with rain water with airplanes skimming through it and support vehicles nearly submerged.

More 4.7 inches of rats in one day have washed the streets of Dubai and sent spilling water inside buildings as well as businesses. This was reported by The Associated Press.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority in the UAE made a request on X stating that the public should not be driving as safety vehicles should be parked in “safe elevated areas” that are not exposed to flooding, and relate to areas where water is likely to accumulate.

School’s closing by public entities in the UAE were today before the storm and staff of the government are being asked to work from home.

The UAE is famous for its dry and desertlike natural environment, however, it is not an exception, particularly in the winter.

In a neighbouring country of Oman, the faulty storms and heavy rain caused at least 11 casualties, including 10 schoolchildren and one adult, who died in the vehicle that was overtaken by floodwaters, stories noted in the AP.

And some other parts of the Middle East – Qatar and Saudi Arabia along with others experienced uncharacteristically wet weather this week.

It’s too early to say the correlation between worldwide warming and the latest storms because scientific research showed how a warmer atmosphere because of the climate change process would hold more moisture that later evaporates and forms bigger storms and more intense rain than before.

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