While purchasing a salad, a single parent bought a lottery ticket and won $1 million

Nebraska Lottery winner

A single dad from the Midwest is $1 million richer after bagging a lottery prize while buying lunch in Nebraska, lottery officials announced this week.

According to the Nebraska Lottery, Brant Edgington stated that he was at the nearby supermarket to purchase a pre-made salad for lunch when he decided at the last minute to buy a Mega Millions ticket.

According to lottery officials, Edgington, 33, who is from Fremont in the state’s eastern part, bought the winning ticket at a store in the city.

The ticket consisted of five quick pick plays for the March 22 drawing − one of these matched all five of the winning numbers (03, 08, 31, 35, 44).

“His own father and grandfather are ‘avid Mega Millions and Powerball players,’” the lottery officials wrote in a press release about Edgington. “He only plays ‘when the jackpot gets high and wasn’t expecting to buy a ticket at all.’”

Officials said that at the grocery store, another person, who remained up ahead of Edgington, had a big pile of scratch tickets cashed in, but the single dad waited in line and bought one ticket.

“I don’t play all that often,” he told lottery officials. “As a single parent, baloney is more important, financially.”

Official next Saturday said that Edgington went to the store to see if he won. However, when trying to apply a Check-a-Ticket scanner, he remembered not being able to get the ticket to scan, so he had store workers check the ticket for him.

Another time they were gone for a minute, the lottery officials wrote he remembered. Then some other lady walked up to her and they looked at me. She said to me, “Don’t faint when I tell you this.”

The winner of the prize was Edgington and he collected it from the Nebraska Lottery office located in Lincoln on Friday.

Tickets are bought in person at gas stations, convenience and grocery stores. Some airport terminals also offer lottery tickets for sale.

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